Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Lucy's video reflection

This is about my time at fendalton the best things the improvements and things like that.

Monday, December 3, 2007

5 on 1

5 on 1

Assembly. The name rings a boring bell Right? Wrong? Yes? No? No! In senior assembly it’s a full on competition. There’s usually twelve competitors representing their class and sometimes everybody gets to compete. An example of this is a game we play called Heads and Tails. We also have loads of quizzes like when my class, Room 14 did assembly we played a quiz game called Super Combo Tiggy.
We don’t only compete in assembly. We have a lot of fun laughing and singing along. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a senior assembly where I haven’t laughed because there is so much fun.
Room 9 performs something almost every week. They’re great performers that lot!
So boring does not ring the bell for these assemblies.
I just keep wondering what will come next!

BY Lucy
(This is a piece I made for the school end of year paper 'Leavers' Gazette'. This goes out to the year 6's as a thing to remember Fendalton School
(I called this 5 on 1 because there are 6 senior classes including the year fives)

Here is my evaluation on my story 5 on 1 for the 'Leavers' Gazette'
I think this was a very good story because the hook was very interesting and there is lots of facts to follow th statement.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Global Warming Movie

This video is extremely thought-provoking.  
What you think Lucy?

Monday, November 12, 2007

Gymnastics Certificate

This is my Gymnastics certificate.

I am very proud of this because it shows that I am getting better as I have been working on the things that we did every week.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Term 4 goals

My first goal is a school goal and It is to get better at handing things in on time. To achieve this goal I will start the thing that I need to at the very start of the week and work on that particular thing for the hole week so it is done in time. I will know I have achieved I am constantly handing things in on time like home learning etc.

My second goal is a personal goal and It is to practice my piano a lot more. I will practise everyday and maybe bring my piano books to school and practise in my lunch time. I know I will have achieved this goal when I fell good about my exam, when I score high and be able to play in front of the class.

My third goal is also a school goal and is to keep me work area tidy so I can learn better. To do this I will tidy my desk every week and put a reminder on it. I know I will have achieved this goal when I am working in a clean environment.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

I Remember

I Remember

I remember the day when it was a feather writing
Wailing to be like a falling leaf
To be understood
By the horn that blows
And walks out wide into a
Dark gloomy night
To meet the tree that whispers
How the blossoms bloom
The feather speaks as it is attached to a mask
And struggles away
And goes back to its writing

The Kingdom

The Kingdom
I will remember with my life to make the sea,
With my life in my hands, a kingdom
With my life running for the kingdom.
I will make a sky taller than an ocean,
I will make a kingdom wider than a lady sining
With my life I will feel an ocean,
I will push out a kingdom
Move the sky higher than a scream
Harder, heaver, sharper
A kingdom of truth
I will not forget
My life will make a kingdom
My heart will remember to beat.
I, dreaming moving
I will run a sea,
I will touch a kingdom.